Tapes for sports accessories and clothing

Elastic for sweatbands

           Article no.: 18/11/65
elastic for sweatbands - tricolour
           Elastic for sweatbands - soft and thick with a fluff on both the sides. Usually            prepared in the colours of a country or club.
           Standard width: 65mm
           Standard colours: Colour stripes. Available on demand.

Elastic for sweatbands

           Article no.: 9466/60
elastic for sweatbands - colour stripes
           Elastic used in sports, recreation and orthopaedy, usually for wrist sweatbands.
           Standard width: 60 mm
           Standard colour set: white with multicolour stripes

Other colours, patterns and widths may be available on demand. Please contact our staff to arrange the details.

Webbings, reflective tapes, elastics and other tapes used in sewing sportswear and accessories you will find in the following sections: Clothing and lingerie, Shoes and bags, Orthopaedics.

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