Article no.: 9479/10,20,25,30,40
webbing - a sample - black, black with stripes
           Standard widths: 10,20,25,30,40 mm
           Standard patterns: one colour, black with a colour stripe, longitudial colour stripes
           Standard colours: a palette of colours


           Article no.: 9487/10,20,25,40,50
webbing sample - black with a red stripe
           Standard width: 10,20,25,40,50 mm
           Standard colours: black, black and red, black and navy blue


           Article no.: 9492/20,40,50
webbing - sample
           Standard widths: 20,40,50 mm
           Standard colours: white

Webbing with strengthening cords

           Article no.: 9486/22,25,30,35,40
webbing - samples
           Standard widths: 10,20,25,40,50 mm
           Standard colours: a palette of colours

Webbing strengthened with cords

webbing - samples - different colours
           Standard width: 40 mm
           Standard colours: sets of colours


           Article no.: 59/08
webbing - samples and a roll
           Standard widths: 37 mm
           Standard colours: a set of colours

Other colours, patterns and widths may be available on demand. Please contact our staff to arrange the details.
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