Knitted tapes

Lacy lingerie tape

Lacy lingerie tape - a black and a white one
           Standard width: 10 mm
           Standard colours: white, black, creamy

Seams tightening tape

tape for seams tightening
           Standard width: 10 mm
           Standard colours: white, black

Decorative tape

           Article no.: 3767/12
tape with a flower-shape decor
           Standard width: 12 mm
           Standard colour sets: white and blue, white and violet, white and dark green, white and navy blue

Decorative tape

           Article no.: 4363/14
decorative tape
           Standard width: 14 mm
           Standard colours: a palette of colours

Linen decorative tape

           Article no.: 3536/9
linen decorative tape - a sample
           Standard width: 9 mm
           Standard colour: natural colour of linen

Other colours, patterns and widths may be available on demand. Please contact our staff to arrange the details.

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