Standard orthopaedic elastics

Warming orthopaedic elastic

           Article no.: 51/08
warming orthopaedic elastic - sample
           An orthopaedic elastic fo special purposes. Thanks to the acrylic yarn used the belt has the warming properties similar to wool's characteristics.
           Standard widths: 60,285 mm
           Standard colours: beige

Orthopaedic elastic belt

           Article no.: 2909/120,220,300
orthopaedic elastic - sample
           Standard widths: 120,220,300 mm
           Standard colour: natural

Orthopaedic elastic belt

           Article no.: 9068/100,125,220,240,300
orthopaedic elastic - sample
           Standard widths: 100,125,220,240,300 mm
           Standard colours: white

Other colours, patterns and widths may be available on demand. Please contact our staff to arrange the details.
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