Strings and cords


           Article no.: 8269/Ø5
strings - samples different colours
           Standard gauge: 5 mm
           Standard colours: a palette of colours


           Article no.: 3080/Ø9
strings - chosen colours
           Standard gauge: 9 mm
           Standard colours: a palette of colours


           Article no.: 3075/Ø2.5
cords - black and white
           Standard gauge: 2.5 mm
           Standard colours: white, black

String with a metallised thread

           Article no.: 3597/5
String with a gold metallised thread
           Standard gauge: 5 mm
           Standard colour: yellow-gold


           Article no.: 22/02
cords - brown, beige
           Standard gauge: 8 mm
           Standard colours: grey, beige, brown, navy, black

Cotton cord

           Article no.: 110/06
cotton cord - sample and a reel
           Standard gauge: 7 mm
           Standard colours: natural

Strenghtening cord

           Article no.: 3516/Ø4,5,6,8
cord - blend - sample and a reel
           A cord designed for strengthening belts, bag handles etc.
           Standard gauge: 4,5,6,8 mm
           Standard colours: blend

Cotton string

           Article no.: 3534/Ø3
cotton strings - black, white, blue, turquoise
           Standard gauge: 3 mm
           Standard colours: white, black, blue

Other colours, patterns and widths may be available on demand. Please contact our staff to arrange the details.
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